2. I was here, at my house when I decided on doing something. So I come up with this friends. They form a band, of MPB (a brasilian kind of music) and they play at pubs, but rehearse at someones house. Just a simple sketch

  3. Hello guys,
    I’m here to show you o piece of my new tiny little graphic novel! L’ amour talks about how simple and pretty love can be, hope you like it!

  4. The short novel I was creating based on  ”L’amour”, that is Carla Bruni sang , and i loved it by the way. You can wait for more things about it

  5. Aristocats and Mogli sketches, that I’m working on

  6. I was working on some characters tonight and i colored it in two ways. you guys preffer the first or the second? 

  7. I’m working on some Xtmas cards this year! :D Sketches from last year! 

  9. fish, fished, fish.

  10. No. I haven’t posted that pattern for nothing.